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Thank you Judge Reimer for serving your community with distinction and honor. Many people remember the black judge because it was an uncommon thing for a time. His tenure on the bench will be kept in the greatest esteem by all of us. The appointment of Judge Reimer was an important and historic event in the history of our community. US Congress United States House of Representatives. US Congressional Delegation Washington D.

2024 September 30-October. District of Columbia 2024 March 17 1. His speaking engagement included many functions of a state leader such as: (one) Honorary Diplomas, (2) Honorary Conferences, (three) National Conferences, (4) Reunions, (5) Awards of Merit and (6) Legislative Committees. US Congress United States Senate. Speaking Engagements: 2024 March 3-. My campaign is centered on fighting for the most vulnerable members of society, and I am not gon na change the role of mine just because somebody could possibly disagree with me.

Is Dan Helmer a fiscal conservative? Not really, says Helmer. I don’t know how Dan Helmer wants to make Virginia Great Again when his program consists of giving tax cuts to big corporations that offshore jobs? Really well, we have to do both items all at once. Helmer states we should look at the way we can organize and act as well as make certain all kids in Virginia have exactly the same opportunities his own children have.

We have to help our communities, but we too need to supply a sufficient amount of capital for small businesses to grow and develop brand new products and solutions that they would like to bring below. Authorizes certain rate decreases and rate reductions. Provides that each electric public utility shall procure a specific proportion of electrical energy purchased in the company’s service area solely from renewable and other specified energy resources.

Allows for the recovery of increased costs of electric utility companies because of implementation of specified actions required pursuant to the Act. HB3812: Virginia Clean Economy Act- additional language appropriations. Repeals particular provisions associated with an energy conservation and productivity plan. SUMMARY AS INTRODUCED: The Virginia Clean Economy Act additional language- appropriations.

Effective July one, 20. Provides which any new electrical utility business restructured service area which consists of all or perhaps an element of a former electric public utility that has entered into an alternate energy portfolio standard settlement or maybe a fresh economy plan shall procure all electrical energy sold in the service area entirely from certain renewable and other chosen energy resources starting on the date by which such sustainable energy portfolio standard or perhaps clean economy program is implemented.